Enviroxiland 2017 – one of a series of events in commemorating Earth Day !



Enviroxiland is one of a series of events in commemorating Earth Day as a form of awareness

of the earth held by the Association of Students of Environmental Engineering majors in

cooperation with BEM Faculty of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Students Association.

Enviroxiland was held on Sunday, 23 April 2017 at Car Free Day event in Simpang Lima

Semarang area which started at 06.00 WIB.

Enviroxiland 2017 opened with Saman Dance performance by HM Teknik Lingkungan then

continued to surround Simpang Lima accompanied by Marching Band from SD Srondol 5

Wetan by distributing earth day stickers to the people residing in the area which was

exchanged with one garbage.

In addition, other activities include an oration that involves a call to care for the Earth by

representatives from BEM Faculty of Animal Sciences and representatives from the

Agricultural Department Students Association, poetry reading with theatrical action

accompaniment by HM Environmental Engineering and poetry musicalization and ending

with percussion from Student Architectural Engineering.

The tagline selected in Enviroxiland 2017 is "We care, we act, Greetings Lestari

Call for Papers

Deadline for ABSTRACT submission: 15 June 2017

Deadline for FULL PAPER submission: 10 September 2017


ISFA 2017 welcomes papers in the field of Agriculture, Agribusiness, Food Science, Food Technology, Nutrition, Agricultural Biotechnology, and all related fields.

Information on the scope of the symposium.


Symposium Venue: Representative Room for Seminar

Since the symposium room should be fulfill the requirement to conduct international meeting, committee has chosen Grand Candi Semarang due to several considerations and overall this hotel is experienced to conduct various international symposium.

Committee are planning to negotiate the low price to stay in this hotel, and committee would like to deliver the progress of negotiation once it is accomplished.