Scope of Symposium

We invite companies, university departments and R&D organisations active in the food/biotech sector to attend the First International Symposium on Food and Agro-biodiversity in Indonesia. The topics have been categorised into six topics. All event language during the symposium is English.

Food Technologies

Additives/ingredients/functional food
, Packaging/handling, 
Supply and transport technologies, 
Storage technologies/preservatives, 
Process for optimisation of food quality/quantity, 

Food Quality and Safety

Detection and analysis methods, 
Microbiology/toxicology methods,
Traceability and Safe production methods

Nutrition and Health Products

Nutrition and diets
, Phytodrugs, 

Food Service Management

Systems for food production, 
Food and restaurant operations, 
Supply and distribution chain, 
Food communities and societies, 
Revenue management, human resources, training, marketing of food

Food Bio-resources Technology

Feed system to support food resources, 
Animal/cattle handling in term of supplying food safety and food security, 
Farm management and technology on producing high quality of food resources

Bio-energy resources and waste/byproduct

Waste/byproduct management and process, 
Process for optimising bio-energy production