Keynote Speakers

The current symposium will be an event for experts in sustainable agriculture, sustainable food production and sustainable agribusiness to share the recent works in their fields. Therefore, these following experts will be sharing as the keynote speakers.

  1. Prof Maurice Ku – Plant Molecular Biology: Engineering C4 Rice (Department of Bioagricultural Sciences, College of Agriculture, National Chiayi University, Taiwan)
  2. Prof Joost van den Borne – Animal Production and Healthy Farming (HAS University of Applied Sciences, Netherland)
  3. Prof Shigeru Hayakawa – Food Science (Kagawa University, Japan)
  4. Prof Indrawati Oey – Food Processing (Department of Food Science, University of Otago, New Zealand)
  5. Dr Hii Ching Lik – Drying Technology (Nottingham University, Malaysia)
  6. Prof Peter J Batt – Social Science (Curtin University, Australia)